Monday, August 2, 2010

He's here!

I know I'm due for a week 33 entry update but Peter Pan Baby decided to show up early!

He arrived last week at 32 weeks 2 days weighing 2.02kg.

I am still in the hospital as I extended my stay to accompany Peter Pan Baby because he's still in the neonatal ICU for further observation.

Will find some time to blog about the birth story when we go home.

So far Peter Pan Baby is doing a-ok. He could breathe on his since the second day, had a bit of jaundice but as of today he's all good.

I've started breastfeeding and expressing milk (which is quite tiring really). But each day is definitely getting easier and better for all of us.

Stay tuned for more updates on Peter Pan Baby! :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

32 weeks

Tummy at 28 weeks vs. 32 weeks

Not sure if it grew that much but I definitely feel heavier -_-

I'm still at 64.4kg this morning *wipes sweat off forehead*

Approximate calculation:
1st trimester: 1kg
2nd trimester: 8.4kg
28 weeks - 31 weeks: 1kg
31 weeks - 32 weeks: 0kg
Total weight gain so far:10.4kg

So the story of my red/brown spotting continues...

On Sunday/Monday morning at 3am, I woke up to go pee and had diluted blood trickling down the toilet bowl on its own.

At 5am, it was still 'leaking'. So I decided to go see this other gynae at Damansara Specialist Hospital which one kind mommy referred to me.

Apparently a lot of people go to him for complicated pregnancies.

I met him yesterday and he did a pap smear for me and found out that I had cervix erosion.

Good news is that it doesn't affect the baby. Bad news is that I'd have to deal with this bleeding until I deliver.

Apparently each time as it's trying to heal, walking can start to aggravate it again. So I will continue to see this diluted blood for the next 6 weeks.

What caused the cervix erosion could be an infection that I had before or during the pregnancy.

But at least now my mind is at ease that it is not something wrong with Peter Pan Baby and I am not leaking amniotic fluid unconsciously or whatever thoughts I had before this when I didn't have an answer.

The dr. scanned Peter Pan Baby and Peter Pan Baby is currently 1.8kg. Average weight according to the doctor. Weeks ago Peter Pan Baby was considered a little on the big side. Hmm.. so wot's it gonna be? hehe

Everything seems fine with him though and that's all that matters.

I will be going back in 2 weeks time to see this gynae to get my pap smear results and also to check out the maternity ward.

We somehow think that this hospital is closer to home and perhaps if possible to be able to book a private room early, we might switch doctors.

Apart from the bleeding episodes, I still feel the same as the past few weeks.

So yeah, 6 more weeks baybeh!! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

31 weeks

Whoops! This entry is super late as I have been real busy at work and once I reach home, the bed is all I'm headed for.

My weight: 64.4kg on Tuesday....

Approximate calculation:
1st trimester: 1kg
2nd trimester: 8.4kg
28 weeks - 30 weeks: 0.4kg
30 weeks - 31 weeks: 0.6kg
Total weight gain so far:10.4kg *sniff* I've officially gone over the 10kg mark.

I had the bloody discharge episode again on Monday night. So I took Tuesday off to rest. And since then, the brown spotting is still around.

These days when I walk, I feel like something's going to drop out of 'there'. I feel real heavy and it's getting pretty hard to sit these days.

The rashes on my legs are becoming worse. What started off from the ankles, has now spread up to my calves. The calamine lotion comes in pretty handy especially right after hot baths.

Constipation is sort of back to visit me.

I find it harder to wake up every morning even though I have had 9 hours of sleep.

But most of all, it's a happy feeling that Peter Pan Baby is still actively squirming inside of me. It gives me all the reassurance in the world.

Since we've set 'the date', I have approximately 6 1/2 more weeks to go!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bleeding in 3rd trimester

Yes, I had some bloody discharge yesterday. Another scary episode. Looks like I've been bleeding throughout the whole pregnancy.

Right before lunch time, I went to the toilet to pee and when I wiped, there was bloody discharge on the tissue paper and it was still there even after I kept wiping.

I panicked and went to tell my colleague and decided to call the hospital to see my gynae.

Upside that it was a Wednesday and my gynae is in on Wednesdays but the downside was that he was full!!

So I had to tell the nurse over the phone in front of my quiet lil' office whereby everyone probably heard me, that I was bleeding and I'm 30 weeks pregnant.

The nurse told me to just go in anyway and she'll let the doctor know.

My colleagues dropped me off at the hospital while Peter Pan Daddy was flying down from dunno where some ulu place damn far away and I waited on my own.

I waited and waited and even after Peter Pan Daddy came, there was more waiting. The wait was excruciating. But the good thing was that Peter Pan Baby was still moving around.

Apparently the doctor was delivering a baby so he took quite some time and when he came back, the nurse let me go in first.

The doctor himself doesn't even know why I'm bleeding. He asked us if we did any strenuous activities; travelled long distances; etc. but the answer is no, I've been basically going to work and coming home to laze each day.

He did a scan on Peter Pan Baby and everything seems normal. Peter Pan Baby has grown since the last time we saw him. He is now 1770 grams.

So the doctor just asked me to monitor the flow of the blood and if it turns period-like flow and I experience it with cramps or pain I'd definitely need to make a trip to the labour ward already.

He gave me mcs for the next few days to rest and hopefully it'd all subside by Monday.

And after seeing him, I continued to have the bleed until last night whereby it turned to brown instead.

Up until this moring, my pantyliners are still stained with brown patches. I really hope this goes away soon.

I pray that everything will be alright and that the Lord will continue to watch over us all. Lord, I place my worries upon You and trust that You will make all of this alright. I pray for strength and faith and I continue to trust in You, O'Lord. Amen.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

30 weeks

During the first trimester I told myself that when I reach 30 weeks, it'd be real fast from there.

And finally here I am. At 30 weeks. Feeling very 'kan cheong' and scared at the same time. I hope time passes real fast because I cannot wait to see how Peter Pan Baby looks like :)

But then again I hope he doesn't come out earlier as we haven't purchased all of his stuff just yet.

So stay in there Peter Pan Baby and enjoy swimming while you still can because mommy isn't a big fan of swimming hehe.

I'm 63.8kg this morning....

Approximate calculation:
1st trimester: 1kg
2nd trimester: 8.4kg
28 weeks - 29 weeks: 0.3kg
29 weeks - 30 weeks: 0.1kg
Total weight gain so far: 9.8kg

Maybe there is hope after all that I won't go overboard with my weight if I can maintain it at this steady pace.

I am still in the midst of battling this cold I have. It's sorta subsiding but still there.

I realise my skin is more sensitive these days. The other day I pulled some dry skin off the side of my finger and that part became swollen for a few days -_-

And I recently have these 2 big mosquito bites on my right foot and when I scratched 1 of them, it started to bleed! *faints*

Other than that, my hair/scalp is really weird. It gets oily real fast. And each time I change to a new shampoo and after using a particular brand of shampoo for a few days, my scalp/hair would get oily again.

So now I'm rotating between 3 brands of shampoos every week.

I've been going to the toilet a lot lately. And that also it's because I've been downing water non-stop to help curb this cold.

At work I'd be going to the toilet every hour and at night, I'd be waking up once every 2 hours. Oh what fun! Guess this sort of prepares me for Peter Pan Baby's sleep pattern in future.

I have approximately 8 more weeks to go. I can't wait! I just can't wait!!! :)